Sea Sports

Asprovalta Beach Greece

While visiting Asprovalta, apart from the marvelous beaches, another must do, are the numerous activities which will complete your summer holidays. If you are an adventurous person or want a more relaxing trip, either way you can try the many different activities that Asprovalta offers, according to your liking and thus, making your vacation more entertaining.

When it comes to water sports, Pedal sea biking is the best option for a family activity or with a group of friends. Canoeing is also alternative. If you want a break from those engaging activities and have something you are more used to, you can find yourself playing in Asprovalta’s beach volleyball courts and tennis courts or even football and basketball for the bigger groups.

The region of Asprovalta is well-known among motorcyclists for the many curving routes it offers.

Fishing is also popular in Asprovalta. You can find both tourists and locals fishing even in the early hours. There is no need to burden yourself with fishing equipment; you can get very well-equipped with nets, hooks, fishing rods and other fishing related stuff on the site.

Popular ground and water sports are ideal for spending some quality leisure time with friends and family, and Asprovalta has it all!