Church of Saint George

Church of Saint George

In 1928 the refugees, citizens with financial help of their American compatriots, replace the brick school with a stone school and build the church of St. George, their patron saint.

The church in Byzantine style, with wooden temple, pews and funerary frescoes from Mount Athos monks, is adorned with the sacred relics that they have brought together with two icons of Saint Georgios and of the Virgin Mary of the 16th – 17th century, the icon of Saint Nikolaos, a crate with 19 relics of saints, two gold-embroidered pictures and the school library.

They also transferred the miraculous picture of St. George to Asprovalta, which the first refugees had taken with them in the year 1914.

The memory of Saint George continues to be a great day for the residents and they celebrate it with many events in accordance to the customs and the traditions of their old country.

On this day, a large number of Renkiotons arrive in Asprovalta (refugees who settled in Asprovalta in the year 1923) from the other areas that they have settled in, to bring their offering, to pray to the icon, to the new church that was built in the year 1978, in the place of the church from 1928.