Sea Sports

Asprovalta Beach Greece

Apart from the magnificent beaches, another must-do while in Asprovalta are the various activities that will round up your summer vacation.

If you are an adventurous person or prefer a more quiet holiday, you may choose from a variety of activities offered by Asprovalta, tailoring your vacation to your preferences and so making it more enjoyable.

When it comes to water sports, the ideal option for a family activity or with a group of friends is pedal sea biking. Canoeing is another option. If you wish to take a break from such exciting activities and do something more familiar, you may visit Asprovalta’s beach volleyball and tennis facilities, as well as football and basketball for larger parties.

The location of Asprovalta is well-known among motorcycle enthusiasts for its numerous winding roads.

Fishing is also popular in Asprovalta. You can find both tourists and locals fishing even in the early hours. There is no need to burden yourself with fishing equipment; you can get very well-equipped with nets, hooks, fishing rods and other fishing related stuff on the site.

Popular ground and water sports are ideal for spending some quality leisure time with friends and family, and Asprovalta has it all!